We invite you to join us in helping small businesses start and grow.  When you give a financial contribution of $100 or more this mug will be yours.  Have a cup of joe with us.
Beth Millner draws inspiration for her customer jewelry from nature’s changing seasons. Increasing sales showed that customers appreciated this inspiration.  Their response gave Beth the encouragement she needed to move from kitchen table production to a dedicated workshop and brick and mortar storefront.

Northern Initiatives provided capital so Beth could invest in her new business.  And, Northern Initiatives offered financial training so Beth could learn how to grow her business and sustain its growth.  The training paid off; Beth implemented a more profitable pricing strategy and nearly doubled her gross sales in less than one year.  A healthier cash flow meant she could hire more staff, increasing her workforce from one to six.

We helped Beth.  Beth brought new jobs to her community and helped surrounding businesses through increased foot traffic to her welcoming location.


Northern Initiatives positively impacts hundreds of small businesses like Beth Millner’s every year.



Every $1 you contribute to Northern Initiatives leverages (matches) up to $4 of additional funding!

Your donation will help us give customers the money, knowledge, and confidence to build their small businesses.

We are a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and all donations are tax deductible.

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